Tuesday, September 27, 2016

We don't breed idiots over here....

Lucky my girl fixed my laptop.  The space bar fell off (with me tugging it and prodding it with a knife; but I thought it resembled those 1990 laptops where the keys come off.)
Anyway, I'm back to a laptop again and have the girl to thank for it.  I couldn't do it; I was figuring I'd have to buy a new one!

So...  I had a great weekend!  Thank you Isobelle and Adelaide!  All we did was eat, draw, write, gossip and drink.  What fun.  There should be weekends allotted to do just that!

Isobelle's house it right on the Great Ocean Road, so I never get sick of the view.  I went to sleep with the sound of the waves pounding the shore each night; so slept like the dead.


Who wouldn't want to live with views like this!

Monday, September 26, 2016

It's late here....

It's late here.  I am home, back after spending the weekend with my girlfriend Isa down the coast.  I've got a broken laptop so this won't be a long entry!!!!!

Sigh.  The coast.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Today I did stuff!!

Well today I slept in, then rushed around to walk Sharpie.  If I don't walk him, he is a nightmare puppy.  Rabid!  Only another year or so of this...   :)

My best friend emailed me asking if I wanted to do lunch, and so we met in town at this little restaurant.   I sent this grant to her to apply for; but the trouble was it had to be in today.  So she sat up and did it, lol.  I figure it was meant to be.  Someone sent it to me, I sent it to her the day before it closed and she completes it!  Needless to say she felt exhilarated!

Tomorrow I'm going down to her place for the weekend.  I'm taking my drawing stuff (I'm not very good but she thinks it is practice!) so we will draw, gossip, watch movies, and walk along the beach before I come home.

After lunch, I came home and did a quick clean of the house before jumping online.

Tonight I'm doing dinner with the same friend from last weekend; who was good value and I got to laugh.  Tomorrow I'm doing lunch with another friend; a girl this time.

Things are looking up down here!