The art of dating when you are in your 40’s is a perilous, soul destroying mission. I blame my misfortune with men on the 'fairy tale factor'... That never ending belief that love conquers all and that one day a prince will come.

Reality isn't even close to the fairy tale. Especially when the prince doesn’t just come with baggage – he comes with a bitter, money grubbing ex-wife clinging to his back like a hump.

I gave it a shot. It sucked. I suffered a potential serial killer teenager who would pick his nose and wipe it on the wall. I gained 15 kilo; became invisible to the world. Yeah; I don’t think I’ll do that again.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The dulcet tones...

I sitting here listening to soft, melodic tones of Bach.  Of course it's on a mobile phone; scratchy and sounding distinctly not like Bach - and its not my phone.  Today I begin my phone calls; and I have list as long as your arm (actually I have three but I have been trying this one for the last hour and I might not even need it.)

Kill.  Me.  Now.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Breathing a sigh...

My son has been home for the last week.  My God.  It is keep my mouth closed, keep out of his room and keep my opinions to myself.

All of those things, last year, I wouldn't have struggled with, except to tell him to push off.  Maybe keep out of his room (as long as the damned door was shut!).  But the new person that is me, doesn't seem to be the same.  I'm definitely more easy going.  I have changed; I'm quiet and thoughtful. Like to think before opening my mouth.

I am still out on whether this change in me is good. lol

I've got a date tomorrow.  First one in ages.  Will be interesting no doubt!  He has 6 guitars and plays and writes music.  I told him I'm off sick and that I lose my train of thought every so often; which he should take advantage of.  I may not be such a great listener when I get myself back... if I get myself back!

Monday, March 2, 2015

I remember...

I remember when I was a little girl and the things I did, shaped me.  You learned to save; or not save.  You learned to love; and get tired of it.  You learned a million things, but so did you siblings that each turned out different to you.

I wonder why?

One would think that if there were five of us, and we had to same upbringing, that we would all be similar.  Not so in my family.  One is married to the boy she met just out of high school, and she'd nearly 60.  One brother is divorced once, but married to a girl we're all crazy about.  Then there is me.  Married 3 times but divorced as many times and still can't get it right. One brother just divorced number two.  A sister is married to a man 20 years older than her.

How does this all prove we all come from the same mix.  Grew up in the same family with the same moral fiber lording it over us...  It doesn't!